Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deal of the Day

Can you smell fall coming?  I can! Well possibly because I went to the mall today to find Wee Andrew some fall clothing....... and as I was walking by guess which store loured me in...

Yankee Candle!
All the fall smells enticed me, as well as the big sale signs. Then I remembered....... I FORGOT MY COUPON!!!

I had a $10 off of $25 coupon from the mail...........I told the store clerk, and she brought me out a coupon for $15 off of $45. Close enough I guess!

So I purchased the following sale items: 4 tumblers: 2/20 and 5 $1 votives.  Total bill: $30 Not too shabby.

All Small Tumbler Candles 2 for $20!
All Tarts & Votives $1 each, Save 50%!

Did I mention the tumblers were gifts?  I purchased late fall/Christmas scents so that I could gift these in the upcoming gift season.  That means I got 4 Christmas gifts for $25.

Then the very wonderful clerk asked me if I got their emails....... Nope.  She said if you sign up online you receive a $10 of $25 purchase!  Woohoo!  So I'm using both my email accounts to get this deal and I'm going to head back in for more Christmas gifts.

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  1. That is so something I would do to. I went to Michael's once and forgot my coupon and couldn't buy the item. I know gas money probably equaled out, but I had to have my coupon.