Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leftover Pizza Friday

Hot wing pizza!

This week I made buffalo wings, broccoli, and rice. I hate messy wings, so when I make wings it's boneless chicken tenders.

So here's what I did with my leftovers this week!

Pillsbury pizza crust (still some from my coupons)
Ranch dressing as the sauce (see tip below)
Shredded buffalo tenders (Leftover)
Cut up broccoli (Leftover)
Shredded cheese

Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Recipe
(picture from allrecipes)
I learned a tip for making a great pizza. As a teenager I worked next to a pizza place and dated one of the "pizza boys" so I picked up a few lifelong tips........... the most important one being:


You know your ice cream scoop?  Use that as your measurement! You don't need much more than that if any at all! This will help keep your pizza crust crispy and the flavor of the sauce not over powering.

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