Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fail but try again (#2)

Frozen week was a FAIL.......... why? because I chose the last week of the month and this is when most of my coupon's expired, and my goal was to NOT grocery shop at all.............. I ended up at the store spending $100 because some of the coupons of things I "needed" were going to expire.

I know my rule is, don't buy it just because you have a coupon for it, but I didn't use ALL of my coupons, I only used SOME! LOL. For example, we use lots of chicken broth and I had a coupon for canned chicken broth. Was I cooking with it this week? No, but I don't want to be cooking with it next week and paying full price!

So RULE change (this is a learning process)  ............. frozen meal week will be week 1 of the month, not the last week!  This way the last week I can use the coupons that are near expiring and not waste them!

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