Monday, November 1, 2010

It's that time of year to spread the special cheer!

Alright it's that time of year! Nov 1st makes my skin tingle, my eyes water and well, and my heart swell!  It means Christmas tunes are crankin' and I'm holding back on decorating the house with red, green, and snowmen!!!

Last year we missed the boat on sending out Christmas cards because our little peanut was due right about then and so I figured I'd send out Birth Announcements instead..... Yea that didn't happen because in my post-baby fog I okay'd a misprinted announcement, and since the pics were from a pricey photog I couldn't get them fixed or reprinted.


I'm taking the cards into my own hands!  I'm going to order from Shutterfly, who I've used in the past and never had issues with, they are high quality, ship quick, and have great customer service. And if I make any editing mistakes (which I won't) I can afford to reorder because their prices are so great!

So my plan for this Christmas is to take a picture of little man in one of two ways:

a) With his santa pjs bottoms to camera looking up a decorated mantel/fireplace looking for Santa.  (Too cute right?) If that's the pic I capture I will use this card layout from Shutterfly: I love that it's actually a card that you can open. I also love it's simplicity.

Find this card here:

b) The other picture I'm going to try to get is one of little man with a big red bow, cloth diaper, and all tangled up (safely) in Christmas lights.  If that's the picture I capture I'll use this card.  This one is not a card that opens, but if you know me you know I'm obsessed with snowflakes! And I love the crisp colors of this card.

Find this card here:

So how much are these cards? Well............ If you're a blogger you can contact Shutterfly by using this link:
and get 50 free! Yes free! 
I have used Shutterfly for several orders in the past.  We had our open house party in 08 and those Biscuit inspired invites were created with Shutterfly  The shipping is always super fast and the quality is top notch. I hope you enjoy Shutterfly as much as I do!

My next Shutterfly order is going to be Thank You cards for little man's first birthday party, which is right before Christmas (eek, how'd that happen!)

I had his birthday invite pictures taken this weekend and we'll be using this shot:

And this card, found here. It goes perfect with his (my) Raggedy Andy theme!

Get snappin thos pics!

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