Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leftover Pizza Friday

I looooove pizza. In fact when I was pregnant with weeman it was one of the few foods I ever craved or was hungry for. (Un)fortunately I wasn't one of those famished eat everything you see pregnant women.  I was eh, I don't feel like eating, but I must force myself to because I'm growing a person.

So pizza was my go to.

I could eat it everyday, Papa John's is my FAVORITE, but it is pricey.  So I figured why don't I try and make my own pizza?  So I tried it with this crust
and it's not too shabby. Not the best, not the worst, but I had a COUPON for it so it helped save money.

So last week I threw my leftovers on top of the pizza and it went something like this:

Taco Pizza
Pillsbury Pizza crust
Sauce- taco sauce packet from taco kit (Leftover)
Cheese- shredded taco cheese (Leftover)
Meat- ground beef with taco season (you guessed it! Leftover)

It was delicious!  We had it for Friday dinner and then a quick Saturday lunch!  So basically I stretched out my taco dinner to 3 meals! 

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