Monday, July 26, 2010

Fail but try again

Alright so I was a bit upset about my grocery failure. So today, once I finished my daily cleaning routine I sat down and went blog searching.
So far I've found:
I had thought about buying the Sunday paper in order to get access to the day's coupons.  But I found a link on listing the coupons and none of which we would have used. I did put this "rule" in place for my grocery shopping:
Don't buy it because you have a coupon, buy it because you will use it!
In the past I've made "coupon" mistakes and bought it because I had a coupon. This lead it to sitting in my pantry, fridge, cupboard unused.
Coupon mom offers tutorials on using your flyers wisely and access to more coupons.

Addition: Not just groceries!

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